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Can I Be Your Anything? - lean closer angel && i'll tell you a secret... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Can I Be Your Anything? [Feb. 28th, 2005|05:12 pm]
[mood |enthralledaishiteru]
[music |Pretty In Punk]

I actually did something to make him happy.

Which makes me happier then you can imagine.

[User Picture]From: cakeanddeath
2005-03-01 05:03 am (UTC)


yeah bitch, theres no escaping me
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From: bemymulletman
2005-03-01 07:14 pm (UTC)

And if i make it through today, will tomorrow be the same?

I totally fell in love with that Sugarcult song. I am glad you liked it too, dawg. :) It made me think of you when it says that line, "Losing half a year, waiting for you here. Can i be your anything?" You lost more than half a year, but in a large way it helped you. You rock too hard, and whatever happens, happens. Rock on.

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From: bemymulletman
2005-03-02 02:37 am (UTC)

That would be my Bobbert.

InSAnEReCeIVeR23: yo
Viva La Jen711: hey
InSAnEReCeIVeR23: whats up
Viva La Jen711: WELL, i went hardcore sledding.
Viva La Jen711: How about you?
InSAnEReCeIVeR23: i went hardcore on some kid in madden
InSAnEReCeIVeR23: beat him 80 to 42
Viva La Jen711: Oh, very impressive.
InSAnEReCeIVeR23: o
InSAnEReCeIVeR23: i kick him in the a$$
Viva La Jen711: ahhh my virgin eyes!
InSAnEReCeIVeR23: haha
InSAnEReCeIVeR23: no no no
InSAnEReCeIVeR23: my virgin bible reading eyes
InSAnEReCeIVeR23: thats how we do it around here
Viva La Jen711: oh, i got it.
InSAnEReCeIVeR23: u best get it
Viva La Jen711: Pushaw. Threatening me?
InSAnEReCeIVeR23: pushaw yea
InSAnEReCeIVeR23: not much of a talker huh
Viva La Jen711: Well, when 'm talking to a guy.....who writes in purple...
InSAnEReCeIVeR23: not cool
InSAnEReCeIVeR23: it was because i copied and pasted that little thing
Viva La Jen711: That was like last week!
InSAnEReCeIVeR23: u havent know wme for a week
Viva La Jen711: I was exxagerating.
InSAnEReCeIVeR23: shut up
Viva La Jen711: I don't associate with dirty mouth people like yourself.
InSAnEReCeIVeR23: ok
InSAnEReCeIVeR23: bye
Viva La Jen711: ......You need to learn to take sarcasm.
InSAnEReCeIVeR23: so do u
InSAnEReCeIVeR23: im joking
Viva La Jen711: Sorry, me and my school girl ways.
InSAnEReCeIVeR23: ha
Viva La Jen711: You are so lucky to go to public school.
InSAnEReCeIVeR23: like the profile
Viva La Jen711: Mine?
InSAnEReCeIVeR23: yea
InSAnEReCeIVeR23: short and sweet
InSAnEReCeIVeR23: its really samll
InSAnEReCeIVeR23: small
Viva La Jen711: Gee thanks.
Viva La Jen711: Aerosmith. cool people.
InSAnEReCeIVeR23: yea
InSAnEReCeIVeR23: i like the cool kids thing
Viva La Jen711: ha.. thanks. It's an inside joke, kind of.
InSAnEReCeIVeR23: yea
Viva La Jen711: And you said I wasn't much of a talker?
InSAnEReCeIVeR23: ur not
InSAnEReCeIVeR23: u dont talk
InSAnEReCeIVeR23: so i dont talk
InSAnEReCeIVeR23: and im arguing wit rach
InSAnEReCeIVeR23: so
Viva La Jen711: Geez. You two need friendship counseling.
Viva La Jen711: I can be a therpaist.
InSAnEReCeIVeR23: haha
Viva La Jen711: I hit up your xanga.
InSAnEReCeIVeR23: o no
Viva La Jen711: ha... i signed the guestbook.
InSAnEReCeIVeR23: o no
InSAnEReCeIVeR23: i gtg
InSAnEReCeIVeR23: see ya
Viva La Jen711: k later
InSAnEReCeIVeR23 signed off at 9:32:00 PM.
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